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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

VIP-[HACK] Puzzle & Dragons (English) Version 6.4.3

Puzzle & Dragons (English)
By GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc.

  • Jailbroken iDevice
  • iFIle/iFunbox/iTools

Features:- Take no Damage
- 1 Hit Kills
- No Skill Dialog
- No Tips (NOT AVAILABLE IN US version)
- Unlimited Skills

1 - Download binary (links below)
English, Japan, Korean, Europe
Live Support
VIP.Members Only


  1. Close the game from Multitasking.
  2. Extract the downloaded files.
  3. Go to padEn/padEN.app using iTools/iFunBox/DiskAid
  4. Move the extracted files.
  5. Set permission to 777.
  6. Run the game.
  7. Enjoy!

2. Using iFunBox, go to your padEN.app folder and backup original pad file just in case you want to remove hack by downloading it to your computer.
2. Using iFile, go to pad.app folder ( /var/mobile/Applications/XXXXXX/padEN.app) and backup original pad file just in case you want to remove hack by renaming pad, padEN, padEU, or padKO to something else.
Tip: Go to settings -> File Managers -> Turn on Application Names. This will make the folders under Applications to show the app name instead of random XXXXX numbers.

3. Upload patched file you downloaded.

4. VERY IMPORTANT! Now set the patched file (pad, padEN, padEU, or padKO) permissions to 777 (Execute/Write/Read for all groups). Do this by editing the properties of the file with either iFunBox or iFiles.
If it works, move to step 5, if not (most likely because you're on iOS 5), then you need to download MobileTerminal and LDONE from cydia. (Google how to download LDONE if you can't find it)
Then open app Terminal and run these commands[CASE senstive!] and then skip step 5 (Change padEN to pad , padEU or padKO if you using those versions):

(when asked for password, type in "alpine" or whatever you changed it to)
LOC=$(find /var/mobile/Applications/ -name padEN.app)/
cd "$LOC"
chmod +x padEN
ldone padEN -s
killall -9 SpringBoard
5. If game is running in background
(for ios 7) close the game by opening multitask and swipe up on game
(for ios 5-6) close the game by opening multitask and press and hold pad icon until an X appears (don't confuse this with pad on your spring board and delete the game by mistake!).

6. Launch. Enjoy!

Common Crash Problems:
- iOS version 5, pad needs to be signed (see step 4 regarding MobileTerminal and LDONE)
- Not exiting out of game completely (see step 5)
- Permission not set (see step 4)
- Ownership issues - using iFile, try changing the ownership of owner and group to mobile
- Game runs like normal, no 1 hit or God mode - you did not uploaded the file to the correct folder OR you didn't fully close your game from multitask (see step 5)


Addictive and FREE match-3 puzzle gameplay with classic monster-collecting RPG fun!
Puzzle & Dragons is the most popular mobile game in Japan, with the highest current number of downloads!


Match three or more orbs of the same color to attack your enemies. Unlike most puzzle games, you can move an orb as far as you want to match it. Make the biggest combo you can to obliterate your foes and snag the dungeon’s loot, RPG-style - you may even score a SUPER RARE monster! Onward to battle!


With over 700 unique monsters to collect, there’s virtually no limit to the number of different team combinations you can try and match.


Fuse your monsters to make them even stronger. With the right ingredients, cute baby dragons can become majestic and powerful beasts of battle.


Make friends in-game, or exchange ID codes with your real-life buddies. You’ll never have to crawl a deadly dungeon alone with the available social features!
With a thriving, active community and regular social events/updates, the world of Puzzle & Dragons is constantly expanding. It’s also completely FREE to play, so there’s nothing to stop you from building an awe-inspiring (or cute) team of dragons today!

Note: Puzzle & Dragons is free to download and play. However, there are in-app purchases available to expand upon your gameplay experience. If you do not wish to use these features, you can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.
In-app purchases are available via the “Shop” icon within the app.
Please refer to In-App Purchases for the price tiers.
*A network connection is required to play.

What's New in Version 6.4.3

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed minor bugs
-Other miscellaneous improvements


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