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Sunday, 2 March 2014

VIP-[HACK] Legends At War Version 1.5 [JB]

Legends At War

By GREE, Inc.


Jailbroken iDevice

One Hit KO (on monsters and not against other players)
- multiple upgrade on buildings at the same time (you can upgrade all buildings you have at the same time. make sure you have the gold for it)
- expansion speed up costs 0 diamond (you still need the gold to buy the expansion)
- enemy loot drop chance set to 100 (so you get a loot per kill from monsters that's supposed to drop.)
- drop loot set to 10 (you get 10 cards per loot instead of 1)
- limit removed on number of the same building you can make (so you can make 100x castle if you want)

1 - Download the file and extract.
2 - Copy to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries
3 - respring
4 - Run game and have fun.
5. Enjoy! 
VIP-Members Only


Lead a band of heroes, conquer barbaric rivals, slay medieval beasts, and build the greatest Kingdom in the land! Join forces with other players and compete for control in Legends At War!

Find and train a party of heroes, and set off on a quest to defeat power-hungry rivals, slay bosses and bestial threats, and grow your kingdom. Create guild alliances to further strengthen your standing until you rule all throughout Legends At War!


• Free-to-play medieval RPG fantasy game
• Collect heroes and lead a party in your crusade for the crown
• Form guilds to divide, conquer, and dominate
• Face off against other player parties in battle
• Capture and absorb rival heroes for strength
• Discover items of legendary power
• Fight in ongoing events of epic proportions

Visit us online: product.gree.net
Follow us on Twitter: @GREEgames
Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/GREEgames
Watch us on YouTube: youtube.com/GREEgames

What's New in Version 1.5

[NEW] Chronicles of War and lockbox events now support multiple reward types
[NEW] New UI updates
[Improvement] Updated to iOS 7 SDK
[Improvement] Various bug fixes



  1. Hey Please fix the download link, really like this game! :)

    1. Link working fine


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