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Sunday, 2 March 2014

VIP-[HACK] Dungeon Keeper Version 1.0.54 [JB]

Dungeon Keeper
- Jailbroken Device
- iFIle


- Unlimited Gems

1. Download the Hack (If downloading on mobile skip to step 7/8)
2. Download a file transfer utility nhÆ° iTools
3. Open iTools
4. Go to the File System tab
5. Select The One That says "File System (jailbreaked)" directory structure
6. Place the. Deb file you downloaded into any directory you like it does not matter. Personally I recommend / var / mobile for quick access
7. On Your iDevice go into iFile
8. In iFile go to wherever you placed the file (Or if you downloaded it to Downloaded On Your iDevice)
9. Select the file and tap install
10. Wait for it to respring and voila its installed.

How to Use:

This section is Important if you want to see the Hack actually work.

  • Now that the device has resprung (The device unfortunately dim if on iOS 6. Just lock and  unlock screen to fix.) Go into the settings app
  • Scroll down until you see "Dungeon Keeper"
  • Furniture Open up and you will see something like either of the images below. In the spoilers.
  • Turn on whatever you want.
  • Then go and start the game and the features will be turned on. To turn features on and off you have to close the game process khi turning switches on or off.
  • Enjoy the Hack
 VIP-Members Only
Download Via Add Repo


“EA has a massive hit on its hands… devilishly funny and addictive.” – Inside Mobile Apps

“I’m a big fan of tower-defense-style games, real-time strategy games, and the classic Dungeon Keeper. This follows that formula perfectly.” – VGMarket playtester

DIG. DEVISE. DOMINATE! It’s good to be bad in Dungeon Keeper!

Devilishly smart. Deploy wicked tactics and dominate your enemies! Build the ultimate underground lair and summon diabolical forces to do your bidding. It’s tower defense…without the tower…and a lot more offensive!

From Trolls to Bile Demons, Mistresses, and Warlocks – deploy your army of baddies and unleash special attacks to destroy the competition.

Maximize your defenses to thwart invaders with expertly laid traps and dungeon design. Build rooms like the torture chamber or dark library to give attackers some painful and shocking surprises.

Attack enemy dungeons and plunder their resources. Deploy your forces and face spike traps, cannons, poisonous spores and more. Too many enemies? Turn them into chickens! Master the Hand of Evil™ to unleash devastating spell attacks.

Some minions need more…motivation than others. Slap your Imps to get them working faster.

Form guilds with players from around the world. Your new alliances let you share minions, increase resource generation, and earn exclusive guild achievements.

What more are you waiting for, Keeper? Play the most diabolically fun game on the App Store!

“Like” us on Facebook or “Follow” us on Google+ and Twitter for the latest Dungeon Keeper news: http://www.facebook.com/dungeonkeepermobile

Want to connect with fellow Dungeon Keeper players? Please visit: www.dungeonkeeper.com/forums

Need help? Please visit: www.dungeonkeeper.com/faqs

This game is not playable on iPod touch (4th generation).

Persistent Internet connection required to play. Network fees may apply.

This app collects data through the use of third party ad serving as well as EA’s and third party analytics technology. See End User License Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy and Cookie Policy for details. This app collects data through the use of EA’s and third party analytics technology. See End User License Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy and Cookie Policy for details. EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ notice posted on www.ea.com/1/service-updates.

Post only content that is appropriate and does not infringe the rights of others. EA’s Terms of Service apply http://tos.ea.com/legalapp/WEBTERMS/US/en/PC/.

This app allows the player to make in-app purchases. Consult the bill payer before making any in-app purchases. Includes in-game advertising. This app contains advertising for EA products and products of select partners.

What's New in Version 1.0.54

The Imps have been busy housekeeping, Keepers! This update features performance updates and behind-the-scenes improvements, notable highlights include:

• Improved Game Center login flow; this fixes the issue where players could start playing Dungeon Keeper before Game Center had finished responding, making it appear like their dungeon had been reset

• Fixed raid mode completion rates addressing issue where players would achieve only a 99% completion rate despite completely destroying the other player’s dungeon

• Adjusted the warlock’s dungeon pathing, fixing clipping issues

• Fixed bug that prevented dig timers from appearing with building production. Dig timers now display correctly

• Previously when players cancelled their cave-in to revenge attack they would be taken to a different Keepers dungeon. This has been corrected and you can take sweet revenge

• Fixed issue where the Guild Request window could display incorrectly when presented with too many user requests

Download the new update TODAY and take advantage of the latest performance improvements and bug fixes.

Stickler for details? The full Patch Notes are available at: http://www.dungeonkeeper.com/whatsnew

Compatibility: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad Wi-Fi (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi (4th generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (4th generation), iPad mini Wi-Fi, iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad Air, iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad mini with Retina display Wi-Fi + Cellular, iPod touch (4th generation), and iPod touch (5th generation). This app is optimized for iPhone 5
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